Ebola as a Health Crisis


  • Dr. Laral Lamporez


The paper focuses on the nature of the United States’ health care system by suggesting that the need to consider different factors during the policy formulation and implementation process cannot be overemphasized. Specifically, outcomes affirm that health care reform and policy shape the nature service provision among health care providers and that these factors are also associated with risks that tend to threaten the capacity of these providers to achieve sustainability. Hence, it is noted that the health care system of the U.S. has witnessed significant changes in which a wellness model has emerged. The paper proceeds to highlight that there is a need to focus on disease prevention while ensuring that community members are sensitized regarding the importance of wellness in relation to aspects such as drug addiction rates, renal failure, diabetes, and obesity. Overall, the chapter advocates for the need to improve the performance and quality of the health care system, regulate the costs of health care, and foster the expansion of access to health care among community members.



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