Effectiveness Of Chymotrypsin On Post-Operative Healing After Single Endosseous Dental Implant.


  • Asha Hariharan, Vinay Sivaswamy, Dhanraj Ganapathy


BACKGROUND: Systemic enzyme therapy plays an important role in maintaining normal inflammatory processes within the body and thereby helps support and speed up healing. Interest in these enzymes spiked when a number of clinical and experimental studies demonstrated that oral administration of these systemically acting enzymes resulted in high bioavailability without the loss of functional activity, and hence they have been considered a promising treatment for acute injuries and post-surgery.

 AIM: To analyse the effectiveness of chymotrypsin on post-operative healing after single endosseous dental implant.

 MATERIALS AND METHODS:40 patients indicated for single endosseous dental implant placement were selected and were randomly assigned into two groups A and B after obtaining informed consent and ethical approval. Patients in group A received amoxicillin 500mg thrice daily for three days and zerodol twice daily for three days following implant placement. Patients in group B received Chymoral forte 10mg twice daily for three days in addition to this. Patients were evaluated for post-operative pain, swelling, and tolerability of the medication on the 1st and 7th day after implant placement. Visual Analog Scale (VAS) was used to assess pain and swelling and Patient Global Assessment to Tolerability to Therapy test (PGATT) was used to evaluate tolerability of drugs.

RESULTS: The use of Chymoral forte as an adjunct to antibiotics showed only considerable relief in pain in comparison to normal antibiotics in the period soon after implant placement. There was a significant reduction in pain on the first day with Chymotrypsin addition (P<0.05).  The intervention did not show a significant difference in outcome measures in terms of occurrence of swelling or tolerability both immediately and after 7 days of follow up. (P>0.05)

CONCLUSION: Chymoral forte could be beneficial in pain management post implant placement, and could be considered as adjunctive medication post- implant surgery.



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