Cheiloscopy As A Forensic Aid Among Dental College Students - A Survey


  • Harini M, Dr. Abirami Arthanari


Introduction : Cheiloscopy is one among the many forensic investigation techniques which deals with personnel identification primarily based on lip traces. Various parts of the oral cavity have been used as an investigation aid in the field of forensic odontology among which lip prints have proved to be an effective tool in personnel identification. Though lip prints can be highly effective in identifying a person positively, few authors have conspired against its reliability as an ideal investigation tool as major trauma, changes in lip due to said trauma and other environmental conditions etc. can possibly affect the lip print pattern and morphology of the grooves. Thus, this study aims at spreading knowledge and awareness about cheiloscopy as a forensic aid in personal identification.

Materials and methods : A questionnaire was distributed through an online google forms link to about 100 people studying in a dental college of age group between 18-23. The results were collected, statistical tests such as descriptive statistics and chi square tests were conducted. The data was analysed using SPSS version 20 and the results are represented in pie charts and bar diagrams.

Results and Discussion : When asked if the study population were aware about Cheiloscopy and its application in the field of Forensic Odontology, the entire 100% of the study population answered positively. The results obtained from this study showed that the knowledge and awareness regarding Cheiloscopy and its application was found to be relatively good among the dental college undergraduates but further awareness regarding this field of forensic odontology and its use is to be encouraged among various dental practitioners and students aiming to pursue a dental career.

Conclusion : This present study provided information on the amount of awareness and knowledge that is prevailing among dental college students regarding the use and principles of Cheiloscopy. Further studies and awareness based on Cheiloscopy and its prominent use in the field of dental forensics is appreciated.



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